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Tumblr Adds 17+ Rating To Its iOS App

Just days after Twitter's video-sharing site Vine got into hot water for putting six seconds of X-rated footage up as an Editor's Pick, Tumblr has added an R rating to its iOS app. So, download version 3.2.4 of its app and you get a Blue window stating that "Tumblr contains age-restricted material," plus a box to click to confirm that you are over 17.

Perhaps this is a preventative measure to ensure it stays on the right side of Apple, whose App Store nabobs wield whatever the cyber version of the black marker pen is with gay abandon—Steve Jobs claimed that the store offered "Freedom from porn" in an email to Gawker writer Ryan Tate. Perhaps it's one of those small gestures that acts as a semi-placator to parents, while acting as a metaphorical pair of red knickers to curious teenagers. Anyway, it's there now. Is it an attention-grabbing move to make Tumblr more attractive to a new audience—the site is, of course, now more popular amongst teenagers than Facebook is—or do you think David Karp has shot himself in the nether regions with this move? Share all you want (but not too much, we like to stay classy) in the comments.

[Image by Flickr user joshwept]