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Ticketmaster Ditches Impossible Captchas, Makes It Easier To Prove You Are Human - By Looking At Ads

Don't worry, Ticketmaster says the new easy-to-read codes will still keep bots from buying all your tickets.

The verification system that requires you to prove your humanness by typing strings of often illegible letters is getting a lot easier on the eyes for Ticketmaster customers. The ticketing company is replacing traditional Captcha with an alternative that is both easier to decipher and potentially increases revenue.

"While an important step in blocking BOTS, we know the current CAPTCHA solution has been a frustrating part of buying tickets for fans," Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard said in a press release.

The replacement, which is powered by Solve Media, presents customers with sensical phrases, questions, or paid brand advertising known as Type-In Ads (ka-ching!). The technology is already used by Ford, P&G, and Universal.

Here's what Ticketmaster's Captcha looked like before:

And after:

[Image: Flickr user theotherqpc]

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