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The Thread

Do You Still Use A BlackBerry?

BlackBerry die-hards often name the tactile little keyboard as the reason they're still CrackBerryheads.

Do You Still Use A BlackBerry?
Some big news in the world of phones today.

For one thing, RIM is no longer called RIM—rather, it's just called BlackBerry ("one brand, one promise," said CEO Thorsten Heins).

Heins today revealed two new BlackBerrys: the Z10 (which does not have a physical keyboard) and the Q10 (which still has a physical keyboard), plus a new operating system, the BB10. And none other than Alicia Keys is coming on board as BlackBerry's new "global creative director".

To be honest, I haven't thought much about BlackBerry in recent months—pretty much everyone I know uses an iPhone (what does that say about the crowd I associate with?). I decided to ask the good people of the social media world if they still use a BlackBerry (and why).

Many people told me they keep using BlackBerrys because they can't live without those tactile little buttons:

This surprised me, because personally, I find the BlackBerry keyboard difficult to use.

Other people told me they use a BlackBerry simply because that's what they are offered at work:

This is probably the most, er, unique defense of the BlackBerry keyboard I've encountered:

So now I turn to you: tell me, are you still a CrackBerryhead? What is it about this beleaguered device that keeps you from heeding the siren call of its smartphone competitors? Will today's announcements help keep your business in the months to come? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Image: Flickr user Santiago Atienza]