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Mars One Has Officially Raised "Millions" To Build The Red Planet's First Human Settlement

The not-for-profit just raised "a few million" in funding. It's nowhere close to the expected $6 billion pricetag, but it's a start.

Mars One, the private not-for-profit that's planning to build the red planet's first human settlement in 2023, has secured several million dollars in funding for its mission.

Though a few million dollars might pale in comparison to the estimated $6 billion Mars One anticipates this mission will cost, its director of business development Kai Staats points out that this money is the first tangible result of nearly two years in planning mode.

"For us, committed funds in this phase of development are an important indicator we are moving in the right direction," he says.

Mashable reports Mars One has already received around 1,000 emails from people expressing interest in the mission. Once the application process opens up, Mars One says it anticipates "hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than one million applications."

[Image: Flickr user NASA Goddard Photo And Video]

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