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Google Gifts 15,000 Raspberry Pi Units To UK Schools

Raspberry Pi hopes it is a "brilliant way" to help kids with an aptitude for computing.

The big push to teach kids about real computing and coding in schools is getting some massive assistance from Google: The search firm, partnered with six educational bodies, is sending 15,000 Raspberry Pi units into British schools. The credit card-sized programmable computers will even come with free teaching and learning packs.

Raspberry Pi notes it's a "brilliant way" for it to help kids with an aptitude for computing, and it's happening without having to wait for a foot-dragging government to catch up to the cutting edge.

I learned to code at home before school even managed to try teach me. Did you learn coding in school? Do you think today's kids should learn it as soon as possible?

[Image: Flickr user nicokaiser]