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Boeing Exceeds Expectations in Q4 Earnings

Boeing's CEO said the first priority for 2013 is to fix the problems with the Dreamliner.

Boeing Exceeds Expectations in Q4 Earnings

Despite its recent woes, Boeing announced on Wednesday that its Q4 earnings beat expectations by about nine cents a share though revenue was (very) slightly below its projections of $22.6 million.

The airplane company also predicted that net income in 2013 will be between $5 and $5.20 a share, compared to $5.11 a share in 2012. As for the major problem they've had with the new Dreamliner? "Our first order of business for 2013 is to resolve the battery issue on the 787 and return the airplanes safely to service with our customers," Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney said in the statement.

The new planes, despite being grounded, are still being produced, the company added.

[Picture by Flickr user INABA Tomoaki]