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Will Netflix Change How We Watch Original Series?

Reed Hastings and co. are introducing their original programming—an entire season at a time.

Will Netflix Change How We Watch Original Series?

When Netflix unveils its latest stab at original programming, House of Cards, on Feb. 1, it won't follow the normal television model by premiering an episode every week (or two weeks, or whenever it fits into the programming schedule), the company's CEO told GQ (he also hinted at the concept in an earlier interview with Fast Company). Instead, the entire season will be available, streaming, for subscribers who are unlikely to leave their couches for a few days (remember when Friday Night Lights went to Netflix steaming?)

Hasting's philosophy behind the monumental new model? Waiting is so 2010. "The traditional entertainment ecosystem is built on it, and it's a totally artificial concept," Hastings told the magazine. "The point of managed dissatisfaction is waiting. You're supposed to wait for your show that comes on Wednesday at 8 p.m., wait for the new season, see all the ads everywhere for the new season, talk to your friends at the office about how excited you are."

What do you think? Will this end up being the new model for television series?

[Photo by Flickr user Rieh]