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Nintendo Posts A Profit, But Future Sales Are Shaky

News that would make Mario twirl his mustache in delight, then worry about tomorrow's mushroom harvest.

Nintendo's been on shaky ground, but the company has just revealed some more positive news in its financial report: It's back in profit, a year after its first ever financial loss. Profits for the nine months of the fiscal year were ¥14.5 billion ($159 million) compared to a ¥48 billion loss for the same period in 2011.

But it's not all happy news in Marioland, because the company also cut sales forecasts for its new Wii U games console down to 4 million by the end of March—from an earlier prediction of 5.5 million. Sale predictions for the 3DS also slipped by 2.5 million. Given that Nintendo is pulling an Amazon-like maneuver and selling the Wii U at a loss, this isn't good news.

[Image: Flickr user u hightechdad ser]

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