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Third Time's A Charm: South Korea's Satellite Launch A Success

The rocket blasted off from the Naro Space Center at 5 p.m. local time today, carrying a satellite that will collect climate data.

South Korea today launched a weather satellite into space using a three-stage rocket. The mission of KSLV-1 has, so far, been a success, said Science Minister Lee Ju-Ho, and said his country had become a member of the "space-power nation" club. What its nasty neighbor to the North thinks of the mission, however, has yet to be documented. The rogue state launched a satellite via its own three-stager at the end of 2012, but with mixed results and is currently involved in the usual war of words with the South and United States.

At 5 p.m. local time, the Naro rocket, built in partnership with Russia, blasted off from the launchpad of the Naro Space Center. Nine minutes later, Science and Technology Satellite-2C detached successfully, although until the spacecraft makes contact with its ground station, some 12 hours after launch, it will not be considered a total success.

[Image by Flickr user diongillard]

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