Would You Pay To Watch YouTube Channels?

The video platform is introducing paid channel subscriptions as early as this spring.

Would You Pay To Watch YouTube Channels?

YouTube is planning to let content creators on the site charge viewers to access their channels, starting as early as this spring.

AdAge reports YouTube is currently testing the idea with a small group of users who are brainstorming ideas for the kinds of channels viewers would want to pay to watch.

Now, YouTube officially says “tens of millions” of people have created channels on the site. But this first batch of channel creators is probably not bustling with amateur filmmakers shooting videos of puppies riding tricycles. More likely, this initial group will include professional (and advertiser-friendly) media brands who have already proven they can create compelling content and leverage YouTube to draw in crowds.

The channels will cost somewhere between $1 to $5 a month, but it’s unclear how pricing would work for different kinds of video access–say, pay-per-view live events versus a weekly webisode.

So, readers, sound off: Would you pay a small monthly fee to watch the channels of your choosing on YouTube? (And a sub-question: Do you currently pay for cable?)

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