Snapdish Aims At Instagramers’ Food Photo Habits

A Japanese firm is trying to carve a nice in the social photo-sharing craze–with photos of users’ dinners.

Snapdish Aims At Instagramers’ Food Photo Habits

Instagram purists who hate the fact the service is extremely well used for sharing photos of its users’ meals will love to hear that Snapdish is expanding internationally from its Japanese home.

The social food photo sharing app (which TheNextWeb notes also lets users share information like cooking guides or ingredients) has added French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai to its language list and is deliberately trying to appeal to overseas users. In addition there’s going to be a special Kindle Fire version of the app, which is definitely targeted at U.S. users simply because of the U.S.-centric sales pattern of Amazon’s tablet.

Can niche apps like this make a dent in the huge user base of Instagram, do you think?

[Image: Flickr user wapster]

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