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Where Are They Now?

Apple's New 128GB iPad On Sale Feb. 5

As recent rumors suggested, Apple has indeed boosted the storage capacity of its fourth-gen tablet to 128GB.

Apple's New 128GB iPad On Sale Feb. 5

A flurry of rumors has proved true: In an announcement this morning Apple has confirmed it's adding a new top-range fourth-gen iPad to its lineup, boasting 128GB of storage space. The new machines will go on sale next Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Apple reports on the advantages the increased capacity will bring, quoting app manufacturers like Autodesk and WaveMachine labs, who point out their pro-level creation apps will blossom thanks to the increased space. You'll have to pay almost pro-level prices for the benefit, though: With the Wi-Fi-only model selling for $799 and the cellular model for $929. Apple's news comes just as its share price is beginning to swing back up after a surprising rapid fall.