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How YouTube And The Internet Justify High Super Bowl Commercial Prices

The cost of a Super Bowl commercial? $4 million. An internet viral sensation? Priceless.

Companies shelling out record-high prices on Super Bowl ads (like this one, this one, this one and this one) are hoping that their commercials will not only end up as a memorable part of the game but as an internet sensation as well, Bloomberg reports. Which is why, marketing executives told the news service, posting commercials online before the game have had huge impacts on increasing the engagement with consumers. ""The advertisers expect they’ll get a nice bump online, so it’s well worth the increase," said CBS CEO Les Moonves.

Super Bowl ads are now costing companies around $4 million. But even if people are running to get chips and soda during the breaks, it could be well worth it. also pointed out the brands are more likely to increase their social media following during the Super Bowl (which explains Budweiser's recent foray into Twitter.)

YouTube research found, according to Mashable, that ads that ran before the Super Bowl online received an average of 9 million views while those that didn't received only 1.3 million.