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Marissa Mayer: Yahoo Will Crank Out A Dozen Products That Fix "Digital Daily Habits"

Mayer provides a glimpse of what's in store for Yahoo during the company's fourth quarter earnings call—including better hold music.

After an unofficial comment about Yahoo's subpar conference line hold music, CEO Marissa Mayer spoke during the company's fourth quarter earnings call about what the company will be up to in 2013. Some highlights:

  • Yahoo's 2012 revamps for Flickr and Yahoo Mail are just a taste of what's to come. Mayer says the company is homing in on about a dozen new products, each focusing on improving a different "digital daily habit." Though she didn't provide many more specifics, she did call out mail, search, and homepage as three of Yahoo's signature areas to watch.
  • Since its revamp of Flickr, Yahoo has seen 25% more photos uploaded, viewed, and shared daily.
  • Yahoo's biggest opportunities for growth are increasing usage, growing its international presence, and appealing to a broader demographic of users, in that order, Mayer says.
  • Mayer says Yahoo has more than 200 million unique mobile users a month, but it hasn't figured out how to monetize yet, though, she points out, neither has anyone else.
  • Increasing search revenue will be all about increasing the actual number of people using Yahoo's search products.
  • The key to success will be "fast, nimble, small" teams—that could get as granular as separate iPhone and iPad product teams, Mayer says.

[Image: Flickr user Giorgio Montersino]