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Where Are They Now?

So How Popular Is Google Plus?

Questions about the site's popularity continue to swirl after the latest report.

So How Popular Is Google Plus?

Could Google Plus not be a complete failure? New stats released by GlobalWebIndex found that Google's social network has 343 million users a month, making it the second most active social network (Facebook has 700 million).

But did Google really turn it around? Some experts are crying foul over the numbers, saying they reflect only the amount of people with Google accounts. "Their numbers are calculated by how many people use their Google account in the year," said unMarketing president Scott Stratten on his blog. "They claim Google+ is a "layer" or "portal" part of the site." That means, according to Stratten, that Google is counting people who signed into their account to use YouTube, Gmail or other sites that are part of Google's empire.

Google executives denied this was the case.

For his part, Google's senior vice president for engineering Vic Gundotra quipped, "That is a lot of ghosts :-) Enjoy the weekend my transparent friends."

What do you think? Has Google Plus made it? Do you use it?