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What Happens When Someone Steals Your Identity On Facebook?

One victim, Amy Vernon, spoke out about her harrowing that is still unresolved...

What Happens When Someone Steals Your Identity On Facebook?

With all the new light shed on so-called Catfish cases, little attention has been paid to the women whose pictures were stolen and associated with another identity. But writer Amy Vernon told a compelling personal story on her blog of finding a Facebook page featuring her photographs— and a completely different person's name.

The identity stealer, Vernon writes, likes Subway, but Vernon likes Blimpie's. Perhaps more disturbingly, Vernon's impersonator also likes guns and racist jokes.

So what can Vernon do? She complained to Facebook—and now, Vernon is playing the waiting game—despite help from dozens of friends and blog followers who reported the profile to Facebook, too.

As of post time, the fake profile is still active.

Has your photograph been used on someone else's social media profile before? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.