advertisement Adds 10GB Of File Storage For Users Adds 10GB Of File Storage For Users is ready to tell off the next person who dares to call the social platform a Twitter clone.

Starting today, existing users are getting their accounts juiced up with 10GB of storage space, which they can use to host files, which, of course, includes photos. users will now be able to grant specific developers in the ecosystem permission to access their personal files on a case-by-case basis. This is a huge milestone for, which has been saddled with numerous comparisons to Twitter since it first launched last summer. creator Dalton Caldwell has championed the idea of “unbundled” social services, which allows users to pick and choose the software best suited for their individual needs. That’s in stark contrast to the ethos of “bundled” social services, namely Facebook and Twitter.

Caldwell describes the benefits of “unbundled” services on the blog:

If you want to try out a new service, you can seamlessly login and choose to give permission to that service, and the photos that you have granted access to would be immediately available.

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