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Ban Removal Could Take PlayStation, Xbox And Wii To China

Chinese authorities may be considering lifting a longstanding ban on games consoles.

Ban Removal Could Take PlayStation, Xbox And Wii To China

An official Chinese newspaper has stirred up much excitement today with the news that China may be about to lift a ban on games consoles it imposed in 2000. The original ban was said to be in place to protect children's mental and physical health. But in November the PS3 from Sony got a certification that could be seen as an early step toward going on sale in China. Today's news has fueled that fire.

China is an explosively growing market, and one where online gaming is extremely popular. Sony and its peers stand to make a lot of money from Chinese gamers if its consoles—and wide array of back-catalog games—are allowed on sale. Meanwhile, U.S. authorities mid-gun-control fiasco are posturing for more controls on games, even though there's much evidence to contradict this position.

[Image: Flickr user smemon]

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