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InMoov: A 3-D Printed Robot For The Home

InMoov is an open-source, life-sized animatronic robot that can be built on a home 3-D printer for under $1000.

A French sculptor is developing a 3-D printed robot which can be made for under $1,000. The InMoov is an open-source, life-sized animatronic robot which can be manufactured by anyone with a basic 3-D printer. Developer Gael Langevin told CNN's George Webster that building the robot is "about as difficult as constructing a cupboard from IKEA." The robot moves, responds to programmed input, and even responds to some voice activated commands.

InMoov is a work in progress; as of press time, Langevin has only completed the robot's head, arms, and hands. A torso is currently in progress. Users download printer files and assembly directions from the InMoov website and then build the robot using their home 3-D printer. 3-D printing is increasingly going mainstream; Disney recently announced that they will use the process to build new toys. Last week, the FDA also approved the use of autonomous, patient-interacting robots in hospitals.

[Image: InMoov]