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Twitter's Ad Services Hit The Middle East, North Africa

Twitter expanded its moneymaking efforts to a new growth region this weekend.

Twitter's Ad Services Hit The Middle East, North Africa

On Sunday Twitter began offering advertising services to countries in North Africa and the Middle East, including places like Egypt, Pakistan, and the UAE. It's part of a concerted push to earn income from new users in the region, supported in part by the fledgling Net freedoms that some Arab Spring moves have won.

Reuters notes that digital ads are underdeveloped in this part of the world, accounting for just 4% of the overall advertising spend. Twitter's VP for international operations also notes that its Middle East/North Africa subscriber base had already tripled over the previous year—hence creating a new user base for Twitter to exploit. The social network has been claimed to have played a part in some Arab Spring movements, so it may be logical to try to capitalize on existing sentiments.

In mid-2012 Twitter expanded its advertising efforts to 50 more nations.

[Image: Flickr user sallyseashells]