Can The 98-Year-Old New Republic Be Saved By A Facebook Co-Founder?

The distinguished magazine’s Chris Hughes era is now officially here, thanks to a site redesign and a new app.

Can The 98-Year-Old New Republic Be Saved By A Facebook Co-Founder?

Thanks in part to Facebook guru-turned Obama campaign advisor-turned magazine owner Chris Hughes,The New Republic just received quite a makeover. The new website and app for the 98-year-old publication debuted today, with interactive tools such as audio and page-markers. It also, as the New York Times pointed out, offers a bevy of new features and more diverse articles.

Of the articles, the one that seems to have instantly gotten attention was an interview with President Obama where he said that he would hesitate to allow his son (if he had one) to play football and hopes to see the NCAA put more emphasis on the student part of student-athlete.

So can the redesign help save the TNR? Hughes thinks so — though he acknowledged to the Times the golden era of magazines is over. “The era of sizable margins for media companies in the late 20th century is probably over, but that doesn’t mean that consumers aren’t still willing to pay for content,” Hughes said. “It is going to take us a couple years, but profitability is our goal.”

To read what Hughes told Fast Company about his plans for TNR click here.

What do you think of the new website and app? Will you read TNR more often?


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