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Pentagon Moves To Prevent "Cyber Pearl Harbor"

The Defense Department's Cyber Command is hiring over 4,000 people to fight network attacks.

Pentagon Moves To Prevent "Cyber Pearl Harbor"

The Pentagon is planning to increase the numbers working at the Defense Department's Cyber Command by over 4,000 people—more than quintupling its current staffing levels.

The push is driven by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in order to protect U.S. interests from cyberattack and to enable more offensive moves against foreign digital properties. The Pentagon has admitted it will be tricky to find and train so many digital security staff.

Panetta is known for his stern stance on cyberwar. Cyberattacks have been shown to be on the increase around the world. Recently the British government revealed it too is concerned about the threat, and is spending millions to beef up the U.K.'s own security efforts.

Can a "cyber war" be fought and won this way? Or is the threat too asymmetric?