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Anonymous Protests Aaron Swartz's Death By Twice Hacking A U.S. Gov't Website

The first attack, on Friday night, put a video statement on the home page of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, before turning it into a game of Asteroids yesterday .

A U.S. Government website has been hacked twice by Anonymous over the weekend. On Friday night, hackers placed a video on the homepage of the United States Sentencing Commission as a response to the death of web campaigner Aaron Swartz. The statement claimed that Swartz—he is thought to have committed suicide—was" killed because he faced an impossible choice." On Sunday, it was hacked for a second time. A code released by the hackers turned the site into a version of the old-school video game Asteroids, allowing users to shoot at the screen and reveal the Anonymous face.

Those responsible claim they have obtained encrypted government files, as well as the encryption codes, and will release them if the government fails to implement legal reform of the justice system. This is the latest of Anonymous' high profile hacks—last year they managed to hack into the Israeli Vice PM's social media pages after bringing down one of the country's governmental websites. And last week, the MIT website was defaced in retribution for the Reddit cofounder's death.

[Image via ZDNet]

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