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Amazon's Kindle Fire Burning Up The Android Chart

A new report suggests Amazon's tablet is dominating the Android tablet market.

Amazon's Kindle Fire Burning Up The Android Chart

TheNextWeb reports that accordig to analysis from Localytics, a firm that specializes in looking at mobile app use, the Amazon Kindle Fire is leading the market for Android tablet ownership—globally. The Fire owns 33% of the U.S. Android tablet market, according to the firm, and since the U.S. commands 59% of global tablet ownership, that places the Fire at the top of the tree. Apple's iPad still commands over 50% of the entire tablet market, however.

This is something of a surprise, given that the Fire is really only on sale in a big way in the U.S.—with 89% of them owned there, according to Localytics. It's even more interesting when you realize that Amazon refuses to reveal its own sales figures, and that the Fire is an Android tablet largely in name only: Google's platform is extremely buried beneath layers of code that bind the Fire to Amazon's services rather than any other supplier's. Plus, given the success of the Google Nexus 7 and the various Samsung Galaxy tablets around the world, one may be forgiven for thinking Localytics are inflating the Fire's statistics.

[Image: Flickr user kodomut]