Apple Rumored To Be Ready To Release 4th-Generation 128GB iPad

Although there’s a chance it’s a retail- or government-only model, all signs point to the “ultimate” iPad as being available to everyone.

Apple Rumored To Be Ready To Release 4th-Generation 128GB iPad

The 9to5Mac website has details of a new iPad. According to the post, Apple is to release a 128GB version of its 4th-generation model imminently. And amid the iOS 6.1’s Beta 5 code released yesterday there seemed to be a reference to 128GB devices. Although no details are known about the new model’s price or date of release, the report does show that there will be four versions of the “ultimate” iPad (in retail parlance, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions are known as Good, Better, and Best.) These will be, of course, Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + cellular, and available in both black and white.

Given Apple’s reticence on the confirm-or-deny rumor front, there is a possibility that this model may only be available for internal use or to government agencies. Whichever way you look at it, however, the advent of a larger-storage version is of course, almost inevitable. Given that the firm’s latest version of its iMacpossibly the last ever desktop computer that Apple will put out–then this is a logical progression. After all, it was noted at the release of the firm’s Q4 results last week, sales of desktop models were down. Would a 128GB iPad be enough to replace your desktop or laptop, or does the shift toward cloud computing make this model largely redundant for you?

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