Kevin Systrom Hasn’t Updated His Instagram Feed Since January 1

Do we need to talk about this, Kevin?

Kevin Systrom Hasn’t Updated His Instagram Feed Since January 1

Talented landscape photographer and Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has been a busy man lately. Now a Facebook employee, following the social media firm’s acquisition of the photo-sharing service, it seems he has been neglecting his baby, now a rumbustious toddler. Business Insider notes that not one photo has been put up on his Instagram feed since a picturesque New Year’s Eve Latergram was uploaded on New Year’s day.


And what a beautiful view that is, isn’t it.

I know he’s probably very busy, but couldn’t he get a Facebook intern to do it?

I mean, there’s lots of stuff he could publish–from stuff he’s been making…

To the art in his new office.

Be honest now. Is it the terms of service that have frightened you off? Don’t tell your colleagues *whispers* but Instagram has backed off on those.

Anyway, what we’re trying to tell you is this. Don’t leave. Please.

[Images by Instagram user Kevin, Flickr user xurde, Instagram user Slidestream, Flickr user Slipp D., Flickr user aaronpk and v104]

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