IDC Data Shows It’s More A Smartphone World Than Ever

The IDC’s fresh smartphone market data spells doom for dumbphones.

IDC Data Shows It’s More A Smartphone World Than Ever

The IDC’s data always makes for an interesting measure of how much smartphones are taking over the world, and the latest report is no different. While the worldwide mobile phone market grew by nearly 2% for the last quarter of 2012 over 2011’s figure, 45.5% of all shipments were smartphones–the highest share yet seen.

In fact smartphone shipments for the quarter were up over 36% on 2011. And IDC notes that 545 million smartphones were sold during 2012–10% more than in 2011 and equating to one and three-quarter phones for every citizen of the U.S. But in bad news for companies that make their money mainly in the non-smartphone market, the IDC’s data shows the global market for all phones was actually very slightly contracting.

No surprises, though, in the IDC’s league table of smartphone vendors–with Samsung still at the top, with a 29% market share in the last quarter of 2012, and Apple in second place with 22%.

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