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Glasgow Investing $38 Million To Become A Smart City

The Scottish city with the lowest life expectancy in Britain is going big on data collation, in the hope that it will improve the lives of its residents.

Glasgow Investing $38 Million To Become A Smart City

Glasgow, Scotland's second city, has been given about $38 million to enable it to become a smart city. The money will be spent on reinvigorating the city's creaky services. Innovations include an app for reporting potholes and missed trash collection to the council, screens for public transportation passengers to get real-time traffic updates, a link-up of CCTV cameras to improve road congestion, and energy monitoring in poorer areas.

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy rate in the U.K., and the organization behind the grant want the money to do something to change that. "The hope is that if we bring together energy, transport, public safety and health it will make it [Glasgow] more efficient and a better place to live," said Scott Cain of the Technology Strategy Board. Whether money spent on making the city think smarter, rather than its residents, will go that far, remains to be seen.

[Image by Flickr user rossjl]