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Facebook Allegedly Not Playing Nice With Friend-Finding By Vine

Facebook is allegedly playing selfishly with its data on your friendships, when it comes to Twitter's new Vine app.

Facebook Allegedly Not Playing Nice With Friend-Finding By Vine

Twitter users and The Verge are reporting that when they attempted to connect Twitter's new short video service Vine to Facebook, in order to see their friends and potentially connect up to them in Vine, Facebook is blocking the link.

It seems that Facebook is withholding third party access to its data (which is, of course, your data) in order to fudge the functionality of Vine.

It's far from the first time a tech giant has done such a thing. Twitter, controversially, blocked Instagram from accessing parts of its own data in 2012—including for actions such as friend-finding, and The Verge points out that it then did the same for Tumblr. Instagram has also severed the clever in-Twitter seamless display of Instagram photos, meaning if Instagrammers share a link via Twitter, then their followers have to click on it to navigate to Instagram itself.

The schoolyard-like battle is not in the best interests of Netizens everywhere, an instead serves Facebook's and Twitter's own agenda. It's a struggle that has a long heritage, and may even include the fact that Twitter allied with Apple for iOS integration first, after an apparently bungled attempt by Mark Zuckerberg to do the same for Facebook and Apple's music social network Ping.

[Image: Flickr user dok1]