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Shipping From Paris: Web Product Manager Creates Amazon Product Page Resume

With an average customer review of five stars, expect Philippe Dubost to be out of stock PDQ.

There are many ways one can make one's resume stand out from the rest, but this one stands out by being one of about an amazillion webpages. Philippe Dubost, a Web Product Manager from Paris, has designed his in the style of an Amazon product page.

Nothing has been left out—from product dimensions (186cm, that's around 6'2"), the keen marathon runner's best time (3h 22 mins), to what is frequently bought together (Asics running shoes and airline tickets)—and there are links all over the page to Dubost's projects, as well as quotes from people he's worked with. With 5.3K Facebook likes, a 100% success rate on the user review front, there is only one box which doesn't work: you can't add Dubost to Amazon's wedding registry.

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