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North Korea Ups Ante And Threatens "War" Against South Korea

No jaw-jaw, just war-war, says the DPRK.

North Korea Ups Ante And Threatens "War" Against South Korea

North Korea claims it will attack its southern neighbor, should South Korea take part in the U.N. sanctions. "'Sanctions' mean a war and declaration of war against us," said the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea. "If the puppet group of traitors takes a direct part in the U.N. 'sanctions' the DPRK will take strong physical counter measures against it." Leon Panetta, the Defense Secretary, said that the U.S. was prepared to deal with this provocative stance, but was hoping that the North Koreans "make a choice to become part of the international family."

The rogue state yesterday announced plans for a third nuclear test and further rocket launches, following the orbit of the second Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite on December 12. It has also torn up a 21-year agreement with South Korea that aimed for the total elimination of nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula, calling it invalid.

China, North Korea's only friend in the region, has been expressing disappointment with events of the past few month—the diplomatic way of saying "Down with this sort of thing"—again called for calm, calling the situation "complicated and sensitive."

[Image by Flickr user (stephan)]