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Nokia Reports A Profitable Quarter

Nokia has reported a fairly successful Q4, but nowhere near its rivals' success.

Nokia Reports A Profitable Quarter

Nokia's fourth quarter figures are out, covering the all-important holiday gift-buying period, and the company was able to report an operating profit of €439 million ($584 million) on revenues of €8.04 billion ($10.7 billion).

This income included profits from 4.4 million Lumia devices, which is up significantly from the 2.9 million it sold in the previous quarter. But while Nokia managed to sell 6.6 million smartphones overall, including non-Windows phones (and a total of 15.9 million if you include the Asha range of psuedo smartphones) that figure is down dramatically from the 19.6 million figure from the year before.

Nokia is battling to turn its business around, and the smartphone figures do not necessarily paint a rosy picture: Nokia has gambled much of its future on the Microsoft-powered Lumia range. Figures show that consumers are increasingly adopting smartphones, and yet this data suggests they're not wedded to the idea of buying Nokia's devices.

Can Nokia make a comeback? Or does it need to make still more aggressive moves?

[Image: Flickr user mbiebusch]