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Where Are They Now?

Facebook Bests Google Maps As Number One App In U.S.

Social Media 1, Orientation 0? Just look at Google's domination of the top ten, though.

Facebook Bests Google Maps As Number One App In U.S.

A recent ComScore survey found that Facebook is the most popular app in the United States. Thanks to a late surge from the social media company—as well as its billion-plus users—the app leapfrogged over Google Maps to become the number one icon on the phones of people over 18 years old.

Let's not forget, however, how Google Maps disappeared from iOS 6 last year. After Apple announced that it was dropping its great rival's long-established mapping software in favor of a less popular homegrown version, Google had to develop a new iOS app and get it passed by the app nabobs in Apple, which didn't happen until December last year. And, boy, can you tell how those three months affected the take-up. The slide, while not vertiginous, would not look out of place on the curve of a Manolo Blahnik stiletto.

Still, Google shouldn't be too miserable at this survey. The company has managed to get five of the top ten iOS and Android app spots: Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Gmail and YouTube. Put them all together and their 303,185,000 unique visitors make Facebook's 85,574,000 look, well, a bit shrimpy.