Apple’s Quarterly Results: Record-Breaking, Not A Flop

Apple’s financial figures are out, and a surprise to doomsayers.

Apple’s Quarterly Results: Record-Breaking, Not A Flop

Apple has just reported its quarterly finances for the crucial holiday season period, and has headlined them “Record breaking.”

Revenues of $54.5 billion were a record, up from $46.3 billion a year ago. Net profit of $13.1 billion–a record, Apple says–matches the figure from 2011, which was also a record. But Apple carefully points out that this period in 2012 was a 13-week one, thanks to the variable calendar, compared to a 14-week one in 2011. Given that this is the holiday gift-buying season quarter, and that the iPhone (Apple’s key seller) only went on sale at the beginning of these periods, this argument makes great sense. International sales, Apple notes, represented 61% of this quarter’s revenue.

Crucially 47.8 million iPhones were sold in the quarter, up significantly from 37 million in 2011. A record 22.9 million iPads were also sold, up from 15.4 million in 2011 and probably reflecting the sales success of the iPad mini. iPod and PC sales slipped, however, reflecting the declining importance of these industries.

Some analysts had been suggesting Apple would make a historic report of a loss for this quarter, and there were worries iPhone sales were weak–something that has not happened. What analysts are expecting, however, is another matter as the company’s regular successes seem to be too innovative to grasp. Thus Apple’s share price may reflect this.

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