iPads Now A Go-To Device For Email, As RIM Struggles

A new study notes how critical iPads are becoming for mobile email–a domain once totally owned by RIM.

iPads Now A Go-To Device For Email, As RIM Struggles

As The Next Web reports, there’s a new study that casts some doubt on the hype around RIM’s rallying efforts for 2013. Email company IndrediMail spoke to 4,400 iPad owners in the United States and found that 90% said the email function was “very” or “extremely” important to them. Two-thirds of those questioned said they checked email over three times daily.

RIM’s BlackBerry devices used to be the kings of mobile email, but RIM has suffered some serious damage to its market share and its future prospects of late–at the hands of more innovative smartphones from Apple and Google’s partners. Now it seems like even the iPad is set to eat away at RIM’s main deal. RIM is making big efforts to diversify its business, even to the point of offering to license its software to other companies. But a recent Citigroup publication is more aligned with IndrediMail’s findings and also suggests any rallying cry may be overstated.

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