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The Penultimate Season Of Mad Men Starts On April 7

Got your skinny ties and your third wives ready? The latest season of Matthew Weiner's cult series is back on your television.

The Penultimate Season Of Mad Men Starts On April 7

The men and women of the Madison Avenue of yesteryear are coming back on April 7, and creator Matthew Weiner told the New York Times just what to expect from Don Draper and the crew.

Season Six, the penultimate of the series, will kick off with a two-hour episode which, Weiner told the Times, "has some cliffhanger elements to it."

He said he originally approached the newest season with the idea that he should save some material for the final season. But then, he told the Times, the show's executive producers convinced him to use everything he had. "So I decided to throw it all in. When you're on a show where drama is somebody watching a phone ring, you shouldn't really take out any story ideas you have."

The news has had Twitter fans pouring themselves a large Scotch in celebration.

Before buying a bunch of skinny ties for the occasion, be warned: the ties will probably be getting a little wider, as Weiner refused to specify what year the sixth season will be set in. Roger Sterling in a kipper tie, perhaps, but Don? It'll never happen.

[Image via Flickr user dno1967b]