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Nokia Bringing Out A PureView Windows Phone

It's been codenamed the EOS, and it's expected to have full PureView functionability, unlike the Lumia 920.

Nokia Bringing Out A PureView Windows Phone

A full-on PureView Windows phone is on the cards for Nokia later this year. The technology, seen at last year's Mobile World Congress on the Nokia 808, is available as a feature on many of Nokia's high-end smartphones, including the Lumia 920, and uses a super hi-res sensor uncommon in most smartphones.

The Finnish company, which last week released the Lumia 820's design measurements for users to create their own 3-D-printed cases, will eschew plastic for the EOS and instead use aluminum. The EOS is expected to launch, possibly under another name, later this year.

[Image by Flickr user knittymarie]