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E-Bookseller Kobo Pushes Into Europe With Ex-Apple Sales Director

Kobo has appointed a new managing director who was previously an Apple sales director.

Kobo has appointed Jean-Marc Dupuis as its new managing director, in a move that it says is an expansion strategy into Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Dupuis has 25 years of experience in tech and four years at Apple where he reportedly helped double Apple's regional sales.

It's easy from inside the U.S. to think Amazon dominates the e-reader world, but in many nations outside the U.S. and a handful of others, seeing a Kindle is rare. Kobo says it has 20% of the global market across 190 countries, and this move is evidently an aggressive one in order to make progress where Amazon is not.

Does the non-Amazon e-reader market stand a chance? Or do you think Jeff Bezos' company will dominate over its competition?

[Image: Flickr user Jennie Faber]