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How Did Google Do In 2012? $50 Billion Of Revenue, Says An “Incredibly Excited” Larry Page

“Not a bad achievement in just a decade and a half,” said the CEO.

How Did Google Do In 2012? $50 Billion Of Revenue, Says An “Incredibly Excited” Larry Page

His voice may have sounded a little croaky, but the message Larry Page was conveying was that Google is in good health. The CEO was making a conference call to mark the firm’s Q4 results, up 36% year-on-year, and reveal its fiscal year for 2012. He also hinted that he wasn’t fazed by the arrival of Facebook’s Graph Search in search engine territory, Google’s core business, but said that he believes Google’s Knowledge Graph will eventually create the perfect search engine, something he sees as being quasi-telepathic.

Another couple of juicy little nuggets were also revealed yesterday. First up is just how much money “Gangnam Style” has earned on YouTube. Total revenue from plays currently stands at around $8 million, said CBO Nikesh Arora, meaning that Google has earned itself $4 million, with Psy taking the other $4 million. And the other is that Google’s total spent on infrastructure last year came in at over $1 billion. That figure, however, is dwarfed by the $2 billion the company spent at the tail end of 2010 on its New York data center, which had to rely on generator power during last year’s Hurricane Sandy.

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