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UberConference Gives Its Conference Call Service A Lift With Evernote, Box Integrations

Now you can share files and documents, save call summaries, and more without leaving UberConference.

UberConference has integrated with fellow cloud-based darlings Evernote and Box to bring some more nifty features to its conference calling service.

With the new cloud-based trifecta, UberConference users can, for example, save call summaries to Evernote, share documents and files with others on the call, and see relevant notes they've saved to Evernote. The document- and file-sharing feature is particularly neat because each participant in the conference call can control their own view, meaning different members can view different files at the same time.

UberConference users who are new to Box can get 10 GB of free, extra space.

[Image: Flickr user mnsc]

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