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Verizon Reports Surprising iPhone Sales Immediately Before Apple's Finances

Verizon has reported its financial data for the holiday period and they include some slightly confounding iPhone sales figures.

Verizon Reports Surprising iPhone Sales Immediately Before Apple's Finances

Android is winning the smartphone war, as everybody knows. Its sales figures around the world are staggeringly large as consumers everywhere swing from using dumbphones and feature phones to smart ones. But the biggest network in the U.S., Verizon, just reported that while it activated 9.2 million smartphones over the holiday quarter (up from 6.8 million the previous quarter) 6.2 million of them were iPhones.

That means that the first full quarter of sales for the iPhone 5 saw Apple's smartphone sealing up over 63% of the smartphone market among new (or renewed) Verizon subscribers. While the overall yearly figures for smartphones in the U.S. probably do still represent a majority stake for Google's OS, it seems Verizon's figure shows Apple isn't ceding as much market share as anyone would've thought.

Apple is due to report its crucial holiday quarterly figures tomorrow. Recent debate, incited by the Wall Street Journal, has shown that investors were worried Apple's iPhone sales may have disappointed. Commentators quickly pointed out the flaws in this argument, however.

What are your predictions for Apple's financial call?

[Image: Flickr user scobleizer]