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That Stinky Cloud Above London Is Coming From France But It's Not Camembert, Tweets Fire Brigade
A stinky gas leak from France has caused the London Fire Brigade to break out the tweets, warning residents not to call the emergency services. Some 25 emergency calls were made before the Fire Service unleashed tweet wisdom on the general public.

When the charmingly named Lubrizol factory sprung a gas leak, 75 miles west of Paris, a few days ago, there were a few Gallic shrugs and not much else. C'est la vie, our French friends thought. Until this morning. The rotten-egg stench of the gas, Mercaptan, had floated all the way across the English Channel. There, residents of Kent and London began to panic, and they called the Fire Brigade some two dozen times to report a gas leak.

Disappointingly, the announcement prompted practically no jokes about Gallic hygiene, or Camembert, even. Nor, it seems, has it kicked off a war of words between the two countries, such uneasy neighbors. Still, it's early. There have already been suggestions by the LFB to turn Twitter two-way, and allow it to be used as a conduit for emergency calls.