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Why It May Be Legal To Complain About Your Boss On Twitter

There's a few qualifying conditions, but recent rulings by labor regulators could save your job.

Why It May Be Legal To Complain About Your Boss On Twitter

Complaining about your boss or workplace on social media may make life a little awkward in the office, but a series of rulings by labor regulators in recent months have enforced the notion that workers are allowed to say what they please about their workplace, the New York Times reported.

There is a catch: the posts, according to recent rulings, have to be "concerted activity" meant to help workers improve their conditions. In the rulings, regulators sided with workers who were fired when complaining about their jobs or other employees—but not those who made incendiary comments about customers or a newspaper reporter who complained about a lack of news in an offensive way.

So what do you think? Would you ever test the social media boundaries that way? What are your company's social media rules? Our readers came up with some rules of their own.

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