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Here's Why You Felt Like Crap Yesterday, And What You Did About It

But did these pictures of cute puppies help?

If you felt a little blue on Monday, at least one scientist believes you weren't alone.

UK-based psychologist Cliff Arnell predicted that January 21 of this year is the most depressing day of the year because of a confluence of bills piling up from the holidays, failed New Year's resolutions and dreary weather.

On Twitter, many companies took it upon themselves to keep their customers as cheery as could be.

Of course, puppies were involved:

Many conservatives noted that "Blue Monday" happened to occur on the same day that President Obama was inaugurated for the second time. But there also seemed to be a large backlash against Fox and Friends for reporting on "Blue Monday," which many Twitter users seemed to think was just something they were doing because of the day's big political events.

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