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Nikon Updates Its Photo-Sharing With Image Space Site For The Instagram Era

Nikon is one of the biggest names in photography, but until now its efforts at creating an online photo sharing service have flopped. Will this time be different?

Nikon has announced a new free website called Nikon Image Space, designed to present and share the photographs of owners of all sorts of camera gear—not only Nikon's. It's designed to be a vast improvement over Nikon's earlier My Picturetown social photography space, which launched in 2007 but has evidently failed to rock the online photo world as much as older rivals like Flickr or DeviantArt and newer ones like 500px.

In the Instagram era, photo-sharing is, of course, hot. That's partly why Nikon's new system is free and open to all-comers. But the free system is limited to just 2GB of free storage and medium-resolution JPEG images from DSLRs can easily reach 10 MB in size, meaning just a couple of hundred images will fit—or photographers will have to upload much lower quality file sizes. A "Special" account offers 20GB of space, but it requires verifying you have a Nikon camera.

Nikon rival Canon has long had a similar service in operation dubbed Canon Image Gateway.

Is this just a token effort from Nikon? And do you think they're missing out on a bigger opportunity here?

[Image: Flickr user ddebold]

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