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Atari Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy In U.S.

Assets of the iconic gaming manufacturer, creator of Pong and Asteroids, are to be auctioned off.

Atari Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy In U.S.

Alas, poor Atari, we knew it well. The iconic gaming firm, purveyors of the addictive blip-fest Pong to a generation of kids, is seeking bankruptcy protection in the U.S., in an attempt to separate Atari Interactive from its French parent company, Atari S.A.

The filing was made yesterday in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, and means that its logo and rights to games such as Pong, Asteroids, and Centipede will be auctioned off. Atari Interactive has moved into the 21st century, creating mobile apps for its oldest and best-loved games as well as brand-new titles.

So, Fast Company readers, are you Xbox, or more Atari? Does the news sadden you and take you back to a time when TVs were housed in ornate mahogany consoles, or did the news not even make you look up from your four-inch screen where you're being bested by a bunch of Angry Birds?

[Image by Flickr user tyger_lyllie]