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Newark's Latest Tool In Fight Against Gun Violence: Bracelets

Cory Booker promoted the Caliber line instead of his Senate candidacy on Rachel Maddow Thursday night.

A new program in Newark, NJ's fight against guns is taking guns off the street and putting them into ... jewelry. The jewelry line, Caliber, was promoted by Mayor Cory Booker on the Rachel Maddow show Thursday night. The proceeds from the program went partially to Newark's gun buyback program.

The line uses metal from 250 guns and bullet casings and retains the serial number from the gun it was made from. It is made by Jewelry For A Cause, a company which creates jewelry for fundraising or awareness. The prices for Caliber jewelry ranges from $150 for a steel cuff to $375 for a brass bangle with a diamond.

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[Photo by Flickr user dagnyg]
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