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Where Are They Now?

Original iPod Designer Tony Fadell On How Apple's Design Process Leads To Nailing Product Launches

Fadell, one of the people behind the first iPod, says that the firm's "point of view" meant its employees had to bring their best to the table. Every single day.

Nest CEO Tony Fadell, one of the men behind the design of the iPod, and a one-time special adviser to Steve Jobs, gave some insight talking into just what Apple's special sauce is. Fadell, who was giving a talk at the Bloomberg Design Conference, compared his time at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California to that of his stint at Philips, where he was in charge of the Dutch firm's audio strategy.

This was Fadell's experience at Philips: "Nine times out of ten, or 99 times out of 100, they would kill the project, either at the beginning, the middle, or right before the product was supposed to be shipped." And this is what it was like at Apple: "When you're in a culture that has a point of view, and drives to launch everything it does, you know you're on the hook and you better bring your best game every time." Apple, he said, probably shipped 99% of the products that get past a certain point in their development.

Fadell, who was once mooted as a replacement for Steve Jobs, is now, of course, in the thermostat business, alongside another former Appler, Matt Rogers.

[Image by Flickr user LeWEB12]

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