Instagram Reveals Monthly Active User Data For First Time

The stats that matter are this: 90 million active monthly users, 40 million photos uploaded per day, and 10,000 “likes” during peak time.

Instagram Reveals Monthly Active User Data For First Time

Instagram has released details of its user data for the first time. The photo-sharing site, which was bought by Facebook last year for $715 million, had last week stopped reporting its traffic numbers on AppData. So, what have we learned? Despite the hoo-ha surrounding the firm after it decided to change its terms of service–rafts of people deserted the site, and it was forced to change tack over its proposals–Instagram is big business. After all, we knew it would be once we saw those Thanksgiving figures last year.

  • 90 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis.
  • Numbers increased by 10%, month on month, between December 2012 and January 2013.
  • A thousand comments are left each second.
  • 40 million photos are posted each day.
  • There are 8,500 likes per second, although this figure increases to 10,000 per second at peak times.

This is what Kevin Systrom had to say about the figures: “Instagram continues to see very strong growth around the world. With many of the product and internationalization improvements we’ve made, we’ve been excited to see these efforts resonate with users globally.”

[Image by Flickr user Lisa Brewster]

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