Software Developer Caught Outsourcing His Own Job To China

A security audit discovered that an American software developer with a six-figure salary was outsourcing jobs for multiple clients to Chinese firms–and used his free time to watch cat videos on YouTube.

Software Developer Caught Outsourcing His Own Job To China

An American software developer’s amazing outsourcing scam where he paid 20% of his salary to a Chinese firm to do his job for him has been busted. Verizon recently went public about the case, which involves copious amounts of cute cat videos on YouTube and Reddit use. According to Verizon’s Andrew Valentine, a developer at a “critical infrastructure company” had given his VPN login to a contractor in Shenyang, China, to do his work for him. The developer even shipped his RSA SecurID token to China to make the contractor’s job easier. While the American outsourcer made a six-digit salary at his job, he spent most of his time looking at cat videos on YouTube and browsing Reddit, eBay, and Facebook.

Amazingly, the developer received glowing performance reviews from human resources while pulling his outsourcing scam. The “critical infrastructure company” discovered the scam after calling Verizon in for an audit due to the suspicious Chinese VPN logins. Before the scam was exposed, the unnamed developer apparently took on other programming jobs for area companies–which he also outsourced to China in exchange for 20% of his salary. While it’s generally frowned upon for corporate employees to quietly outsource their entire workflow to unknown contractors, virtual private assistants are used in many office situations. Outsourcing programming is also common for American firms–but cases of workers outsourcing their own work in order to spend more time watching YouTube are largely unknown.

[Image: Flickr user crecher94]